Tucker’s House can help make the challenging task of home accessibility less stressful

Upon initial contact, you will be asked to fill out the pre-application, financial application and the doctor’s referral form. Once Tucker’s House has received the forms by email, fax or mail, a physical therapist will call to get more information about your child and will set up an assessment.

A designer and physical therapist will assess the child’s home. Armed with all the information, a plan will be made and discussed with the family.

If the family qualifies for financial assistance, the costs will be covered by Tucker’s House. If the family does not qualify for financial assistance, Tucker’s House can assess and help the family to make a plan.

Tucker’s House assist families of children with disabilities up to the age of 22 years old.  Tucker’s House serves eight full counties and 4 partial counties.

Please see the map on the bottom of www.tuckershouse.org/what-we-do to see if your area is covered.

The Process

1. Initial Consultation

To get started, send us an email or give us a call and let us know what your situation is. Every family has their own story but we understand the need. Let us know your story and we can begin the process with your unique situation in mind.

Download Pre-Application Form - Tucker's House Overview of Services Available

Contact Tucker's House Contact Tucker’s House

2. Doctor Referral

Have your child’s doctor fill out our simple Physician Referral form stating your child’s diagnosis and verifying the medical necessity for home modification. In addition to the doctor referral form, your child’s therapist may also provide specific information related to your child that will be helpful to our physical therapist during the home assessment to understand your child and his/her needs.

Download Doctor Referral Form - Tucker's House Download Doctor Referral Form

3. Submit Application:

Complete the Pre-Application form telling us about your child’s specific needs and specifics regarding the physical aspects of your home. We will need your insurance information to see if we can use your insurance for any equipment for the home that is necessary for your child.

Also, fill out a simple Financial Assistance Application form so that we can document your need for financial assistance.

Financial assistance is available for qualifying families.

To determine financial assistance eligibility, Tucker’s House will assess your home, discuss the cost of modifications required to meet your child’s specific needs, and review the family’s income and expenses. We know that families that have children with special needs have a lot of expenses and we take all factors affecting each family’s financial resources into consideration.

To qualify for financial and construction management services, a family must demonstrate that they or their extended family do not have the resources to have the work done without undermining the health or well-being of the disabled child and family.

For those families that qualify for financial assistance, no fee will be charged for our services. For those families that do not qualify for financial assistance, a fee will be assessed to cover the direct cost of materials and services for the project.

Download Pre-Application Form - Tucker's House Download Pre-Application Form

Download Financial Aid Application - Tucker's House Download Financial Aid Application

Download Financial Aid Application - Tucker's HouseContract for Home Assessment

4. Home Assessment Completed

While the Financial Assistance Application is being processed, Tucker’s House will schedule and conduct a Home Assessment. The assessment team will consist of a licensed therapist who is specially trained in home assessment and modification as well as a construction specialist. Together, they will complete an assessment of your home and write up a report with specific recommendations for your child and family.

5. Project Pre-approval

Tucker’s House Board of Directors will review for approval the plan and budget developed through the Home Assessment team.

6. Home Modification Construction

Qualified subcontractors will be used for all work on your home. If a permit is required, the plans and specifications will be submitted for permit by Tucker’s House.

7. Home Modification Acceptance and Equipment Training

Following completion of the Home Modification Construction, any necessary training in the use or adjustments of the equipment will be provided.


Tucker’s House is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that has been developed to partner with the families of children with disabilities by providing the home renovation and retrofitting services and resources necessary to make their homes safe and more accessible.

We assist families in accessing resources that can help meet their specific immediate, intermediate and long term needs that make their home a place that is not only accessible and safe but where the child can carry out their necessary daily therapy and be as independent as possible.